Viseu, Portugal.

Viseu is located in the center-east region of Portugal with around 100.000 inhabitants. Its Origins go back to the Romanization times.This Region became a crossroads which linked Merida, Lisbon and Galicia.It was initially populated by Romans, Suebs, Visigoths and Moors. At  Roman´s time in this Area Viriathus emerged as the rebel leader of Lusitanian people. During the Middle Ages this City often served as Seat for Visigothic Nobles.The lands of Viseu frequently switched hands between the Christians and Moors. Finally, it was taken over in 1058 by Ferdinand I of Castilia.
This town is also known by its local Handicrafts.
Places of interest to visit: the Cathedral, S.XVI of Gothic-Maunellino style with some original Romanesque remains in Capitels and in the south Gate. Roman city wall remains. Viriato´s Theater building. Town Hall building, and down town narrow streets.
It is very relaxing and pleasant to walk  through the  town narrow street in the night with many restaurants, cafes and other entertaiment places. All this builds up a good atmosphere for the visitors and pedestrians.

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