Europe of the People.

This Trip photo shows One of the Many Meetings of European Union Movements in which, along the Decates,  Mr. J.Giner has participated. He constantly supports all these Sozial  Movements in favour of a more Democratic and more Participative European Union of the Citizens. He says:
“Till now the European Union has been fundamentally a Treaty of free exchange of Companies goods and Money-Capital, among Countries members.Decates later, after EU foundation, in 1957 free movement  of people labour force was appoved with very good results.However, the everyday life normal Citizens` multiple SERVICES and RIGHTS have not been taking much or enough into consideration. As a result of this, an Important Imbalance has been created. So many citizens feel nowadays that their basic problems for a better life are not properly solved by the European Institutions. Due to that the number of Disappointed Citizens in favour of European Union grow  fast, with no doubt negative consequences. One of which is no doubt the Brexit and the  Dangerous  growth of “populistic politicians” in many different Country members.
Therefore, it is Urgent to Increase  the Multiple everyday life Public Services, among Countries Members as well as to Increase  Citizens Rights and benefits.Most of these Services should be shared among Contry Members.This way, we will build a more Solid European Union, at the same time as we make it more Just for the mayority of the Citizens.
We have some very recent and important problems affecting the European Union in which finding a solution to the problem have only Participated few relevant Countries at First.The support of the European Institutions were only afterwards, and somehow forced to follow.The results have been negative, as the Problems continue to exist!!!Schould it had not been more democratic and correct to try to solve such problems by the European Institutions as a First actor???This  Fact reveals that we need a more Participative and democratic European Unions!!!
Some very Relevant European Politicians have already said: “we have to listen much more to what the normal people think or have to say”.So we have to remind the European Institutions now and then this previous Saying”!!!
Finally, I say to my   passenger J. Giner  the following:
“I personally think that  a more Participative and Democratic European Union can be easily achieved by Frecuent Exchanges of  Official Citizens` Services among Countries members in the following fields:
Health, Education, Job market, Sozial benefits, Pensions, Public Transport, access to Telecomunication nets…/etc.

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