Basque Land-Spain.


Bilbao-Guggenheim M.

Bilbao: We  give some local and Historical information as to best understand the places which i visited with my Clients. This town is the largest Municipality of the Basque Country with around 360.000 inhabitants  and the whole Metropolitan area with one million people.The main urban core surrounded by two mountain ranges of about 400mts high. This Town,as we know today, was founded in 14th Century by Diego Lopez v. de Haro. In the 60 and 70 seventies there was a great ship-port activity based on iron export as the second of Spain  after Barcelona.Two decates later has turned into a  vigorous service city. In the mid-1990s  the town is dis-industrialised and is gradually transformed to a Service metropolitan area.In reaching such goal helped the construction of the Guggenheim Museum.
With my Clients we visited “Portugalete hanging bridge.( the first metal transporter bridge in the world from XIX century.This bridge is 61 meters over the ground. It joins the two Nervions River sides without interrupting the Ships navegation coming into and out of Bilbao town); Guggenheim Museum,Casa consistorial(town hall), Basilica Ntra Sra de Begonia…” and on foot: “casco viejo,Teatro Arriaga,Mercado de la Ribera, Catedral de Santiago…and we finished having a wonderful dinner in the terrace of Alhondiga building highest floor, over-viewing the town at night.

San Sebastian

M.Igeldo – Playa la Concha

San Sebastian. This town lies on the coast  Bay of Biscaya.It is 20 kilometers from the French border and  has around 190.000 inhabitants.The whole Metropoly has around 440.000 inhabitants.The main economic activity is commerce and tourism, national and international. There takes place  the Well known yearly international film festival.The outstanding  historical spots in town are: Victoria Eugenia Theatre, Ma., Cristina hotel, Igueldo Hill, Lighthouse, Sta., Catalina Bridge, Ondarreta Gardens, and some very important Restaurants famous in the world.with the Clients we visited: ” Playa de  la Concha, Monte Igueldo, Palacio de Miramar and on foot we walked down town through the narrow pedestriean streets full of people having “Tapas” as it happened to be a weekend. So we mixed among people enjoying different Tapas specialities going from one place to another which meant after two hours  we were all a bit tipsy  so we came back to the hotel so happy.

























































































































































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