Asturias “Don Pelayo.”

Avile´s Old Str.

Avile´s   Old Street

Asturias is a  Spanish Region known to have been settled by human people already in the “inferior Paleolitic times”. (see, example of Altamira Caves…).
Later on was invaded by The  Romans Empire,followed by “Suevos, Visigodos” and Muslims in VII Century. These latest inhabitants for short time. They were soon defited by “Don Pelayo” in Covadonga´s Battle.
Asturias in year 722 became one of the first Christian Kingdoms in the Iberian Peninsular to fight against the invasion of the Muslims. Other Christian Kingdoms followed the fight agains the Muslim invasion. They were gradually pushed towards the south of the Ibirian Peninsular.
Asturias Region´s Economy is based on Agriculture, catlle, fishing and coal mining.There is also a native local language called ” Bable” spoken by a minority of inhabitants. When talking about food “Fabada-dish and Sidra drink” we do know instantly that we talk about “Asturias”
In the countryside are many “Horreos”. They are tipycal stone and would contructions. They are raised from the ground by pillars to avoid access of rodents and animals where  granary and food is savedly preserved.
Places visited by my Clients:
Oviedo´s cathedral (XIII-XVII century pre-romanesque and gothic style, and baroque and Renaissance parts too. Later, we did make a walking tour around the town admiring different street scultures of interest for my Clients. Avile´s was another place we visited. Walking among its streets one gets the feeling that the Present and the Past live together.
Some special feelings evokes the Past as the same time as we live the Present…At the end of the day, already at night, we spent some hours sitted at the Town Hall square. There  we hat Fabada and sidra. This way we felt as they say more at home.

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